Quality Equipment
Browse our wide selection of premium gear for Bungee Jumping, Climbing, Rappelling, Stunt Work and Arial Performance Rigging
Aerial Rigging & Stunt Work
Our experienced, certified technical crew offers High Rappell, Bungee and Aerial Performance Rigging,
Car Stunts and Fight Coordination for micro, small
and medium budget projects.
Specialized Services
Adrenalin Dreams offers International Bungee Jump Site Start Ups, Equipment Sales and Jump Crew Safety And Operations Training

Spotlight Specials

Sunt Flying Harnesses
Crash Mats
Ideal padded impact area for 
Stunt Air Ram and Air Ratchet Hits, Stunt Falls and Fight Coordination.
New England Rope Omega Pacific

Check out the impressive new line up of 'biners for 2016 for Climbing, Rigging and Rescue.
Gear Aerial Rigging Equipment
GEAR Cirque
Aerial Performance Bungees

Ideal for Aerial Choreographic Performance when precision is essential. Custom made to user specs for relaxed length, maximum stretch and body weight.

GEAR Bungee Cords

Bungee Jumping Cords

The world's #1 selling professional bungees. No Jolt Capture, Smooth Elongation. Custom made to site specifications.
Rock-N-Rescue Spartacus Helmets
Aerial Fly Harnesses
Ideal for Stage Performance and Film Work. Concealable and available with optional swivels and quick release hardware.
Gear Resistance Shock Cords GEAR
Shock Cords

The perfect stretch cord for athletic training, mechanical systems, games and attractions. Available in Standard, Heavy Duty, Mil-Spec or Solid Core.

GEAR Bungee Cords
Pro Stunt Gear
The most technologically advanced High Fall Air Bag, Air Ratchet and Air Ram designs on the market, Jerk Vests, Flying Harnesses & Body Pads.
Rock-N-Rescue Spartacus Helmets
The perfect bag for Riggers and Rope Access Techs. Holds 200 ft of 1/2" rope, 10 external gear loops, 7 daisy loops, 5 snap loops,  padded shoulder straps and side carrying handle.