AD Bungee Safety And Operations Training provides jump crews with the technical knowledge and practical information necessary for safe, efficient bungee jump site operations.

Our training program utilizes methods prescribed by The Pennsylvania State Government Bungee Jumping Regulations, the New Zealand Bureau Of Bungee Jumping Standards, the U.S. Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

The program includes 25 hours of classroom and practical instruction over a five day period administered by our state certified instructors at your jump site upon active operation of your jump structure and equipment purchased from AD has been delivered.

Upon completion of practical and written examination, students are awarded certification for Jump Master, Assistant Jump Master or Jump Crew Technician.

AD certification provides valuable documentation to insurance providers and local regulatory agencies demonstrating that your crew has been professionally trained and able to provide a safe, efficient environment for your crew and customers.

Training Program Outline
  • The history, mechanics and physics of bungee jumping
  • Technical information, rigging and proper use and care of all equipment
  • Equipment and jump structure inspection
  • On-site efficiency and safety procedures
  • Crew duties and responsibilities
  • Staging, harnessing and preparing jumpers
  • Proper jump form and techniques
  • Jumper recovery
  • Rappelling and emergency mid-air rescue techniques
  • Customer public relations
  • Keeping records and logs 
Program cost is $4,200.00 USD for up to six students. Additional students are $500.00 USD each.
Travel and hotel accommodations for two AD instructors is additional.
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